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April Sixsmith was born and raised in Long Island, New York. At 18 years old April began competing in pageants and has won 12+ titles. She is an active advocate and public speaker for mental health and for her personal project, “Healing Through The Lens” where she raises money through photography in order to raise funds for Jane and John Doe’s DNA testing across the country to help victims of violent crimes get their name back, close cold cases, and give the victims’ families closure.  She has taken her volunteer work as far as participating in mission trips for recovery efforts post natural disaster. She hosted her own radio show on WVOX radio for two hours a week discussing all topics from pop culture to politics. She has been modeling and acting professionally since age 18 and in 2022 Co-Founded Next Paige Management, where she serves as a Mother Agent scouting, developing, photographing her models and placing models worldwide. Personally, she has been featured in shows and movies airing on stations like CBS, NBC, HBO and is currently the face of Conair. April is a firm believer that “If someone tells you no, you are talking to the wrong person.” She thoroughly enjoys making people’s dreams come true and allowing them to showcase their best potential on and off the camera.

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